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We are fully insured a work to a high level of safety.

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With relevant RFS and NPTC certifications.

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We are an experienced team of tree surgeons.

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Town & Country Tree Services

For the past 20 years or more public and private landowners in West Wiltshire have relied on our dedicated team of tree surgeons at Wiltshire Tree Care to keep trees and hedges healthy and in trim, clear sites of hazardous trees and stumps, plant trees and hedgerows and tame wild grounds and gardens.

We’re qualified arborists with the relevant Royal Forestry Society (RFS) and National Proficiency Test Council (NPTC) certifications, fully insured and working to a high level of safety standards.

We have a large following of repeat customers across our area of operation, which covers a wide radius from our home base in the Wiltshire village of Worton south of Devizes.

We perform tree and hedge work in Devizes itself, and the towns of Melksham, Trowbridge, Calne and Marlborough, as well as all the villages and country areas in-between, including throughout Pewsey Vale in the North Wessex Downs Area of Natural Beauty.

Royal Forestry Society

RFS Certification

National Proficiency Test Council

NPTC Certification

Tree Inspections

We can carry out tree inspections.

Maintenance and Management

Advice for your trees.

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Tree Surgery & Specialisms

Our skilled and knowledgeable team perform a full range of surgical procedures on trees of all types, species and ages, including felling and various forms of pruning when appropriate.

We can identify tree diseases, carry out tree inspections and issue advice about tree maintenance and management.

Many trees in our area are subject to Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) for their protection, which means they cannot be worked on without permission from the local authority.

We’re competent to make legal applications to work on protected trees and trees in conservation areas on your behalf.

We also specialise in hedge work – planting and establishing new hedges, hedge trimming and hedge removal.

If you have a tree stump causing an obstruction or a hazard, we have the experience and grinding equipment to remove it cleanly and efficiently.

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What We Do

Tree Surgeon Services

We offer treatment and surgery for your trees.

Stump Removal

We can remove all traces of a tree.

Grounds Maintenance

We can improve your garden's appearance.

Covering Wiltshire

Solving Key Tree Problems

We are proud and pleased to be committed to caring for trees across our local area of Wiltshire.

As we all know, trees are invaluable for the health of our environment and human well-being, which is why we are passionate about what we do.

We all have a responsibility towards the trees on our property, so if you notice any problems, such as trees posing a threat to public safety, trees that are diseased, decayed or dying, or tree branches or roots impacting on surrounding structures, give us a call and we’ll assess the situation and provide a solution.

We also remove problematic stumps and take care of unruly hedges.

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