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Taming Wild Spaces

Whether you have large grounds or a small back garden keeping it neat and tidy is an ongoing job, and usually hard work, no matter what the season. If your outdoor area is running a little wild, we can help you tame it, improve its appearance and functionality, and make sure everything grows happily and healthily.

If you have a plot, acreage or overgrown garden that you need to have cleared, we are ready, willing and able to remove everything and leave you with a blank canvas which you can build on or start again with fresh planting and landscaping.  In fact, as qualified arborists the Wiltshire Tree Care team are experts at planting shrubs, trees and hedges so that they flourish, so we can help you there too.

We have all the equipment and expertise required to undertake heavy gardening chores, so if you have a hedge that has run riot, a creeper that’s covered your windows, a tree that is leaning precariously over the roof, or a weed infestation that is out of control, give us a shout and we’ll sort it out.

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Fine Fencing

A fine fence is the perfect backdrop for a beautiful garden. A show-stopper fence not only marks the boundaries of your property, but also sets off the planting, provides privacy and security for a garden space, supports planters and plants, and cleverly positioned fencing can create garden compartments and features.

Here at Wiltshire Tree Care we take pride in designing and erecting first class fencing for residential properties. We are highly experienced at designing different types of fences, plain or decorative, and are able to source fencing materials at very competitive prices.

Our fencing construction is of an extremely high standard, sturdy and strong, built to last. We can also provide gravel boards if required to ensure your fence is not in contact with the ground, preventing the boards from rotting at the bottom.

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Hedge Pruning and Trimming

One of the most common issues that our grounds maintenance team are consulted about by domestic clients is managing and trimming hedges. Hedges are both useful and attractive assets in any garden, but like all living things they can be fickle and require regular care and attention to look their best.

One of our specialities is caring for hedges. We plant new hedges, give them formative pruning during their first years, then keep them in trim year-round in compliance with the law. If you want a hedge removed, we’ll see to it quickly, efficiently and tidily.

Hedge pruning and trimming shouldn’t be done between March and August if there is any chance birds are nesting in the hedge – destroying the nest of a wild bird is an offence under the Wildlife & Countryside Act of 1981.  There’s also a law about high hedges (more than two metres tall) which is not allowed if it is blocking light or the view for your neighbours.

You can rely on Wiltshire Tree Care to keep your hedge in control within legal limits, and if the hedge forms a boundary, we’ll make sure we maintain good neighbourly relations along with the health of your hedge.

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