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Tree Stump Removal

Clearing Nuisance Tree Stumps

When a tree is felled, the stump is left behind protruding above ground level to become a nuisance that not only visually spoils the landscape, but can be a hazard as well. A tree stump is an obstruction in a garden, takes up precious space, becomes a repository for diseases and pests that can spread to other plants, and they sometimes sprout and start regrowing in a process called suckering.

Removing a tree stump manually is an arduous, messy and lengthy process and usually is not completely successful. Our expert tree surgeons at Wiltshire Tree Care however are fully trained in the use of powerful specialised stump grinding equipment that can remove stumps of any size.

We use a stump grinding machine that has a rotating flywheel with tungsten carbide cutting teeth, which works by ripping the stump to shreds right down to about eight inches below ground level.

The wood sawdust that is left behind after the grinding process can be dug out and removed, or left to compost down naturally as mulch in the ground-out stump bed.

stump removal

Affordable & Professional Stump Removal

Stump grinding is widely recognised as being the most affordable way to permanently remove all traces of a tree after it has been felled. It removes the upper section of the root ball, leaving behind a hole. This can be filled and levelled off with imported soil to leave a flat, unobstructed surface that can be covered with paving, lawned over or built upon.

Destroying a stump mechanically with a stump grinder is minimally disruptive to the site, and we work extremely safely and efficiently, clearing away any mess or debris before we leave.

We can usually access any site with our stump grinding equipment, and ensure that we do a full risk assessment before we get to work. This includes checking the area with a metal detector to ensure our stump grinding operations do not impact on any buried utility equipment like pipes or cables.

Tree Removal

Permanent Tree Removal

If we are forced to fell a tree as part of our work as tree surgeons because it is dying, diseased or hazardous we always recommend that the stump is ground out immediately afterwards. It is impossible to fell a tree without leaving a stump at all, and stump grinding is the most convenient and quick way of completing a permanent tree removal.

Once a stump has been ground out the remaining tree roots, spread out underground, will gradually rot away naturally.

If you have been left with an old stump that is causing a problem in your grounds, we’ll be happy to grind it out for you.

We offer stump removal services across west Wiltshire, including the towns of Trowbridge, Devizes, Calne, Melksham and Marlborough and all the surrounding villages, as well as through Pewsey Vale.

We carry full indemnity insurance and pay great attention to upholding the highest safety standards when working with powerful machinery on your property.

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