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Being a tree surgeon is both a dangerous and rewarding occupation that involves the pruning of branches, the dismantling and felling of trees and using powerful machinery at height.

We not only have the skills, training, technical competence and experience to undertake tree work, but we also have a high degree of horticultural knowledge pertaining to trees and shrubs which enables us to identify problems like disease, damage and decay.

We offer a full range of treatment and surgery for trees at all stages of their life, from tree planting to sapling care and on to venerable old age. The aim is to keep the tree healthy and hazard free so as to prolong its life to the maximum.

Based in Worton, Wiltshire, we perform tree surgery across the west of the county in and around towns like Trowbridge, Devizes, Melksham and Marlborough and in Pewsey Vale.

Specialist Tree Management

Crown Reduction, Thinning & Lifting Services

The crown of a tree is the foliage-bearing section, which includes the branches extending from the trunk. Most of our work as tree surgeons requires various pruning and re-shaping activities related to the crown of the tree.

  • Crown Reduction is used to reduce the spread and/or the height of the crown of the tree. This can be either for aesthetic reasons, or to remove dead wood (known as Stag Horns) at the top of a mature tree.
  • Crown Thinning is the removal of a percentage of the branch formation without changing the outline of the tree. Crown thins help to allow more light to pass through a tree, but can also reduce the sail area of vulnerable trees, reducing water uptake. Heavy tree limbs can be removed – without damaging the shape of the tree or unbalancing it – along with any dead, dying, or diseased branches, and those that are rubbing against each other.
  • A Crown Lift is the term given to the process of removing the lowest branches of the tree to give it a uniform height above ground level. This surgery is performed to give more clearance to vehicles and pedestrians passing under the tree, and letting in more light beneath the tree’s crown. Clearance for vehicles beneath a tree is 5.2 metres (17 feet), and for pedestrians 2.5 metres (eight feet).

Covering Wiltshire

Felling & Dismantling

Unfortunately, it is often necessary to remove a tree. This happens if a tree has become hazardous because it is diseased, dead or irretrievably dying, is in the way of structural development, or is causing subsidence of adjacent buildings.

We don’t generally use traditional felling techniques on domestic premises where space is minimal and the risk of damage to the surroundings is high. Instead, we plan a controlled dismantling of the tree, removing the canopy in sections to avoid property damage and lowering the branches to the ground using tried and tested rope techniques. The trunk is then also dismantled in sections and similarly safely lowered to the ground with great care and precision.

We recommend stump grinding to complete the tree removal, so all trace of the tree is eradicated from the surface of the ground.

We make sure all green and timber waste is removed from the work site when we are finished.

When you need a tree surgeon you can rely on Wiltshire Tree Care to be prompt, courteous and to get the job done efficiently with the minimum of fuss and bother.

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